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After first hearing the song “Slacks” from Australia’s St. South and subsequently repeating it for days, we decided to reach out to her for our first interview.
It turns out she is one of the nicest, most humble and talented new artists out there. At the bottom of the interview you’ll find a guest P L A Y L U S T, titled: “S T. S O U T H – L U S T”, comprised of the top tunes she’s listening to right now, and it’ll rock your socks off.

How would you describe your sound?

St. South: A few people have described it as electrofolk, which seems best fitted at this stage. I really love the idea of really bold electronic beats and clicks combined with folky/jazzy vocals. I love so many different styles of music, so I try to incorporate a little bit of everything!

What are your top three guilty pleasure musical artists or songs of all time?

St. South: This is going to come back and haunt me:
Azealia Banks – “212”

Chris Brown – “Yo Excuse Me Miss”

(I’m a closet case RnB fanatic)
Justin Timberlake – “Suit & Tie” (Ta-ku Remix)

(This one isn’t really a guilty pleasure. Just sheer, unadulterated pleasure.)

What are some oldies you’ll never get sick of?:

St. South: Elvis Costello – “Pump it Up

Smokey Robinson – “Tears of a Clown”:

How did you choose the songs for your “Bedknobs and Tune-sticks” covers album?

St. South: I actually covered all of the tracks on separate occasions, then decided to put them into a compilation album later on. But to be honest, there’s never much thought process involved when it comes to choosing songs to cover! If I love a song, and it’s enjoyable to sing, I’ll give it a red hot go.

Can you tell us about your experience with the Bon Iver Stems Project and how you came up with your “We Washed Texas” Remix?

St. South: It was a very rushed process. As soon as I heard about the competition I went deep into the realms of my bedroom and didn’t sleep/eat/talk to anyone for three days until it was finished. I was just way too excited to take my time.
Having access to the stems from ‘Bon Iver, Bon Iver’ was definitely the best part of the competition. When you’re a big fan of any musician/band, you think you know every part of their album/s back to front. But after listening to each individual stem, you’re rewarded with a whole new level of appreciation.

As for my remix, it all came together surprisingly fast considering I had never remixed or produced anything before then. I didn’t have any of my own loops or samples at the time, so apart from my voice, every sound is sampled from the ‘Bon Iver’ album. For example, the percussion (shaker and clap) is from ‘Holocene’. I chopped it up and used a more electronic filter on it because originally it was super acoustic sounding. I also used some piano, kick drum and (Justin Vernon) backing vocals from ‘Hinnom, TX’. Hence, ‘We Washed Texas’. Everything else was sampled from ‘Wash’.

On the rare occasion, a song will write itself entirely. This was definitely one of those occasions.

How did you and Ali connect to make “Slacks”?

St. South: We met on Soundcloud in early March 2012! I think I first heard the track (‘Open‘) he produced for US-based HipHop artist CJ Trillo, and I really liked his electrohiphop style. He’s a man of many genres though, which I love. Hopefully we’ll meet in person one day soon!

Coincidently I’ve just finished collaborating with CJ Trillo myself, thanks to Ali. Connections are everything!

Have a listen to Ali’s work here!

Knowing you’re about to get a lot more attention and likely fame, what is one thing you want to avoid or are afraid of moving forward in your musical career?

St. South: It’s a bit of a cliche, but I guess I want to avoid turning into something I’m not, and producing music that I don’t love. Writing and producing is what makes me happy, so if I stay focused on that I feel like the ride will stay sweet.

Can you tell us an anecdote of the most memorable time that you made a Ruckus?

St. South: Firstly, I’d like to mention that I am the most boring person. The extent of ‘Ruckus’ in my life consists of wandering off by myself when intoxicated. This one time in Melbourne, some friends and I went on an ‘adventure’, starting off at The Croft Institute, then having a serious boogie at Cherry Bar, then completely losing my memory at Pony. I vaguely remember hunger striking at around 3am. All I know is my friends found me sitting on the curb outside a 7/11 smashing two spinach and ricotta rolls like my life depended on it. Which it did.

Track Listing:

Rescue – Mama Kin
Riptide – Vance Joy
Blue – Willow Beats
Home – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros (RAC REMIX)
Dirty Hercules – Ngaiire
Ocean Tides – Kyson
Oh Sailor – Mr. Little Jeans (Strange Talk Remix)
This is the last time – The National (Only version we could find to upload)
Recluse – Sorrow
So Long Marianne – Leonard Cohen

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