P L A Y L U S T – O C T O B E RCassiel, Electronic, Folk / Rock / Alt, Hip-Hop, Paige, Pop, Toby playlust october

P L A Y L U S T – O C T O B E R

Whether you’re counting down the hours to a long weekend, or to the start of your work week, you’re still going to need some new damn tunes. Behold, the new P L A Y L U S T is here.


The Si-Berians – “This is the Ending of Our Love”#TBT, Julia, Pop, R&B / Soul 1234

The Si-Berians – “This is the Ending of Our Love”

A nice crooner for your Thursday.

Found this one on the latest volume of South Side Story, a compilation series by Numero Group, an archival record label out of Chicago, IL. From the source: “For the lowriders, the souleros, and for any armchair drag racer who still has a record player within reach, South Side Story pays tribute to the aftermarket sounds of soul music, inspired by the record industry’s metric trunkload of cruising compilations, legitimate and otherwise, that soundtracked an entire subculture.” Fucking PERfect.


Helado Negro – Invisible HeartbeatElectronic, Folk / Rock / Alt, Pop, Toby helaldo

Helado Negro – Invisible Heartbeat

Helado Negro is opening for Sinkane tonight at DC9, and tix are just $15. Get tickets here. Should be a great show!


Foxygen – Cosmic VibrationsFolk / Rock / Alt, Toby foxygen

Foxygen – Cosmic Vibrations

The first time I saw these guys, they were opening for Unknown Mortal Orchestra and absolutely killed it, blending the sounds of the Stones and the Kinks. And they keep putting out good tunes – “Cosmic Vibrations” is the new single off their upcoming album “…And Star Power,” out on the 14th. Wait for the breakdown at the 4-minute marker for a good toe-tapper.


Trance Farmers Interview#TBT, Folk / Rock / Alt, R&B / Soul, Toby trance farmers

Trance Farmers Interview

One of our new favorites, Trance Farmers 愛, answered some questions for us, shared tales of Ruckus, and gives us a playlist of throwback gems. Check it all out here.

The Acid – “Fame”Electronic, Julia, Pop, R&B / Soul liminal

The Acid – “Fame”

So in love with this stunning video for The Acid‘s “Fame,” directed by Dugan O’Neal and band frontman Ry X. The three-piece hails individually from LA, England, and Australia, and the combination of their sounds makes for some seriously ethereal electro-soul. “Fame” is the first single for their most recent effort The Liminal, released earlier this year on Infectious Records.


Ouici – The FarewellElectronic, Hip-Hop, Pop, Toby ouici

Ouici – The Farewell

Here’s the title track off the forthcoming EP from Toronto based musician, Ouici. Free Download here.


SALES – Toto (XXYYXX Remix)Electronic, Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B / Soul, Toby sales-toto-xxyyxx-whycauseican

SALES – Toto (XXYYXX Remix)

SALES just dropped their debut self-titled EP and XXYYXX remixed the track “Toto.” XXYYXX starts it slow and lets the beat build just right. Stream the whole rad EP here, and if you want, buy it for just $5.



Dirty Beaches – “True Blue”Folk / Rock / Alt, Julia a1896369343_2

Dirty Beaches – “True Blue”

Something about these bright, chilly mornings really has me swooning. And this dreamy brand of lo-fi surf blues would be my soundtrack, naturally. Dirty Beaches is the project of Taiwanese-Canadian musician Alex Hungtai; “True Blue” is off his 2011 album Badlands. If I close my eyes, I can almost see Johnny Depp shedding a single tear. Here’s to you, babes.


Seinabo Sey – Pistols At DawnElectronic, Pop, R&B / Soul, Toby pistols at dawn

Seinabo Sey – Pistols At Dawn

Swedish powerhouse, Seinabo Sey just released this track a few days ago. Sey combines pop, soul, and electronic to bring a new sound to us all.


P L A Y L U S T – S E P T E M B E RCassiel, Electronic, Folk / Rock / Alt, Hip-Hop, Julia, Paige, Pop, R&B / Soul, Toby Panther

P L A Y L U S T – S E P T E M B E R

Summer is winding down, so we have Misun starting this Playlust off slow with a goodbye to warm nights, but it picks up quick. Download it, stream it, do whatever the fuck you want with it. It’s the new Playlust, damnit.



Homeboy Sandman – America, The BeautifulHip-Hop, Toby homeboy

Homeboy Sandman – America, The Beautiful

Another banger off of Stones Throw from Homeboy Sandman. This track was produced by Jonwayne and is on Sandman’s album, HALLWAYS, dropping today (9/2).


Silk Rhodes – PainsR&B / Soul, Toby Silk Rhodes

Silk Rhodes – Pains

Whoa, this shit is silky smooth, brought to you by the good folks at Stones Throw. Silk Rhodes is one Sasha Desree on vocals and Baltimore producer Michael Collins. “Pains” is a new 45 they just dropped; pick it up here.

Yuko Yuko – Crying In The DarkElectronic, Pop, Toby yuko

Yuko Yuko – Crying In The Dark

This guy’s from the Netherlands and his sound is a direct line to the 80′s. Check out his album Babes, dropped just this summer.



Cheryll – SometimesFolk / Rock / Alt, Pop, Toby Cheryll final

Cheryll – Sometimes

Straight off their debut cassette – yes, I said cassette – and released by one of our faves, Burger Records. Only 250 copies, so get one while you can!



Wilson Pickett – I’m In Love#TBT, R&B / Soul, Toby Wilson-Pickett-Im-In-Love-239356

Wilson Pickett – I’m In Love

Can’t help but throw back to this classic from Wilson; for me, listening to it just once is never enough.


Spoon – “Rent I Pay”Folk / Rock / Alt, Julia Spoon

Spoon – “Rent I Pay”

Spoon just dropped They Want My Soul last week, and so far, I like what I hear. They’re so sassy. And no, I’m not afraid to admit that I discovered them on the OC. Seth Cohen 4ever.




Arcade Fire – Afterlife (Flume Remix)Cassiel, Electronic, Folk / Rock / Alt images-5

Arcade Fire – Afterlife (Flume Remix)

This remix makes an unlikely pair of Arcade Fire and Flume, but there’s no rules against that. Aussie pro Flume has never been one to discriminate, nor disappoint for that matter. Here, he takes Arcade Fire to a whole new level.

Spectrals – “I Ran With Love But I Couldn’t Keep Up”Folk / Rock / Alt, Julia 39182_106112822779216_919816_n

Spectrals – “I Ran With Love But I Couldn’t Keep Up”

These Brit-boys keep breaking my heart. Spectrals is the solo project of Louis Jones. It’s a little surf, a little garage, and a lot of heart. This one is off A Spectrals Extended Play, released in 2010. Unfortunately, Jones threw in the towel after his 2013 album Sob Story, and we’ve yet to hear anything from him since. I hope this sweet boy found the love he was lookin’ for!


P L A Y L U S T – A U G U S TElectronic, Folk / Rock / Alt, Hip-Hop, Paige, Pop, R&B / Soul, Toby Dolores_Park_the_mission1

P L A Y L U S T – A U G U S T

Welp, July came and went. But August is here and so is a new P L A Y L U S T to round out the summer right. Hit us up if you want a single hour long track to download via Twitter.