Craig Elliot – “The Hole in the Wall Gang”Folk / Rock / Alt, Julia a3574138433_2

Craig Elliot – “The Hole in the Wall Gang”

Stumbled upon this guy on Facebook, oddly enough. He is self-described as “Lo-Fi, Alt/Punk, Noise-Rock gently lulling you to death.” I like what I hear. Check out his newest EP Au Revoir Psycho here.


Action Bronson vs Charles Bronson – Get off my P.P. (Cookin Soul remix)Hip-Hop, Toby action-charles-bronson

Action Bronson vs Charles Bronson – Get off my P.P. (Cookin Soul remix)

Cookin Soul just remixed some Bronsolinio that samples Charles Bronson’s movie “Death Wish”, originally composed by Herbie Hancock. Free download here.


The Greenhornes – “There Is An End”#TBT, Folk / Rock / Alt, Julia 1283349644-thegreenhornes

The Greenhornes – “There Is An End”

Love this track from The Greenhornes with Holly Golightly on vocals. Reminds me a little of Wanda Jackson in her early years. This ended up being the theme song for Jim Jarmusch’s 2006 film Broken Flowers starring Bill Murray. Haven’t seen it, but now I wanna…


The Brian Jonestown Massacre – “Straight Up and Down”#TBT, Folk / Rock / Alt, Julia brian-jonestown-massacrew

The Brian Jonestown Massacre – “Straight Up and Down”

You know that feeling you get when you didn’t realize how hungry you were until you started eating? Listening to The Brian Jonestown Massacre feels like that to me. Formed in San Francisco in 1988, their sound has traveled along a spectrum of influences including shoegaze and electronica, but it’s their bluesy psych-rock iteraton they mastered in the mid-90s that really tugs at my heartstrings. This track was re-released on their 2004 retrospective album Tepid Peppermint Wonderland; go on, let it wash over you. And if you feel like I do, go ahead and hit “Repeat.”


Guerilla Toss – “367 Equalizer”Electronic, Folk / Rock / Alt, Julia, Pop artworks-000080772726-wgq9ff-t500x500

Guerilla Toss – “367 Equalizer”

This right here is the kinda shit that knocks you on your ass and leaves you speechless. The kinda shit you’re scared to see live, but can’t miss. Buzzwords like “dance-punk” and “art-funk” have been thrown around about these guys… maybe I’ll be more apt to chime in once I, you know, pick my jaw up off the floor.


Check em out.

TOKiMonsta ft. Anderson Paak – ReallaCassiel, Electronic, R&B / Soul imgres-3

TOKiMonsta ft. Anderson Paak – Realla

I was the first person to play and ‘like’ this song on soundcloud. So, since I’m famous now, you should trust me when I say PRESS PLAY.

Definitely guilty of saying shit like “for realla,”

The Ukiah Drag – “Her Royal Grip”Folk / Rock / Alt, Julia ukiah-drag-dirt-trip

The Ukiah Drag – “Her Royal Grip”

At the risk of sounding lazy, I will leave you with this TASTY MORSEL of a description for Ukiah Drag’s new LP, because WHY REINVENT THE WHEEL?! “Recorded in a secularized Lutheran temple off the banks of the Hudson River, Ukiah Drag’s new LP In the Reaper’s Quarters (produced by the almighty Ben Greenberg) is fine projection of basement rumination finding temptation in the halls of an ex-God. Straddling the church balcony, licking the scum off stained glass, crooked steeples refracting moonlight and blood…There is no erasure of the Satanic ego as it the Drag moves onto new spiritual drippings.” God bless.


Bruce Cockburn – “Making Contact”#TBT, Folk / Rock / Alt imgres-1

Bruce Cockburn – “Making Contact”

Bruce Cockburn should have made bigger waves in the US, but the majority of his fame has been enjoyed in his native Canada – you may, however, recognize The Barenaked Ladies’ cover (a throwback in itself) of his “Lovers in a Dangerous Time.” Since his 70s heydey, he’s consistently been putting out #stuffdadslike, and I’m not mad about it. Could just be nostalgia for me, but as far as I’m concerned, this whole album is some great throwback easy listening.

Ignore weird commercial video,

HUSBANDS – DreamElectronic, Pop, R&B / Soul, Toby artworks-000049246746-rf4rkj-t500x500


This jam may have been out for about a year via Microphone Records, but this France-based group is new to me. The genre categories from their bandcamp describe them nicely: “Pop, R&B, Boyzband, Electro, Marseille.”


Jenny Lewis – “Just One Of The Guys”Cassiel, Folk / Rock / Alt images-2

Jenny Lewis – “Just One Of The Guys”

I’ve been a Jenny Lewis fan since Rilo Kiley’s 2007 album Under The Blacklight. Actually, more like since Troop Beverly Hills… anyway, she’s got a solo album dropping later this month and my ears are perked. Girl’s got just the right amount of swoon-worthy twang, and a sense of humor to boot. Props to this funnygirl video, making some v.  hateable celebs less hateable. Also: bang game – strong.


Peach Kelli Pop – “Julie Oulie”Folk / Rock / Alt, Julia peach

Peach Kelli Pop – “Julie Oulie”

Lovin’ this track. Maybe because of my contentious relationship with the name “Julie,” or maybe because it makes me wanna ditch work and drive to the Rockaways. Now, to find a car…


KREW$ – good (feat. CJ Trillo) (Produced by Soulistik)Hip-Hop, Toby artworks-000078846177-mp0n6u-t500x500

KREW$ – good (feat. CJ Trillo) (Produced by Soulistik)

California’s CJ Trillo and Rhode Island’s KREW$ released this banger a couple months ago, and I still can’t stop bumpin’ it. Soulistik put together a beat worthy of looping for days.


Crooked Colours – Keep Your Mouth For Lying (cIn Remix)Electronic, Hip-Hop, Paige avatars-000085873014-ahg9xb-t200x200

Crooked Colours – Keep Your Mouth For Lying (cIn Remix)

Meet Callan Alexander, or cIn; a guy who gives so few fucks that he’s enjoying an apple in his FB profile picture.

He recently got his paws on Crooked Colours latest EP, In Your Bones, to put out his own version of “Keep Your Mouth For Lying.” The original sounds like it was influenced by high-energy, electro-pop flavor, while Alexander’s inventive rework slows you down, leaving you at ease with somewhat of a steady hip-hop aftertaste.

xx, Paige

Stevie Ray Vaughan – Cold Shot#TBT, Folk / Rock / Alt, Paige GuitarsStevieRayVaughan

Stevie Ray Vaughan – Cold Shot

Tuesday was a good day m’friends. Know why? Because it was on that fateful day when an online concert footage archive called Music Vault released over 17,300 videos to its YouTube page. So one can guess what I’ve been holed up in my apartment doing since then. You can feel like you’re experiencing The Who at Tanglewood in 1970 or watching Muddy Waters play “Blow Wind Blow” at Ash Grove the year after. Check out one of my favorites from 1985, Stevie Ray Vaughan making everyone in Capitol Theater, New Jersey cry of happiness.

Want more? Visit Music Vault’s YouTube channel.

xx Paige


Chubby Checker & Dee Dee Sharp – Slow Twist#TBT, Paige, R&B / Soul 0001906055_500

Chubby Checker & Dee Dee Sharp – Slow Twist

I spent most of yesterday hanging at my favorite record shop in San Francisco, Rooky Ricardo’s, in Lower Haight. You can listen (pressure free) to as many albums as you like, play cards with the owner and dig through their endless treasure chest of 45′s. Pop by if you’re ever in town, promise you won’t regret it. When I took my first step in the door this little ditty was playing and completely transformed my day. A little crazy motion is all you need.

Love, Paige


Wilson Pickett – Hey Jude (With Duane Allman)#TBT, R&B / Soul, Toby TBT

Wilson Pickett – Hey Jude (With Duane Allman)

I just watched the documentary Muscle Shoals, and was blown away. This version of “Hey Jude” was recorded down in Alabama in 1968, and has one of the best breakdowns I’ve ever heard. Duane Allman, of the later-formed Allman Brothers Band, really lays it down on this recording with some of the best guitar fills I’ve heard in a bit.

And check out Muscle Shoals on Netflix!


Dirty Art Club – One Nine Seven ThreeR&B / Soul, Toby DAC

Dirty Art Club – One Nine Seven Three

Holy shit, Dirty Art Club fully rules. I just heard this track on the Fader mix Chrome Sparks just put together.

Funky beat goodness for the soul.


MØ – Never Wanna Know [Night Version]Pop, Toby MO

MØ – Never Wanna Know [Night Version]

If you ever get the chance to go see MØ live, do not hesitate. She is one of the better performers I’ve seen. Here’s a new, “night version” of one of her love songs.


Steph Lund Wedding Playlist Part I: Dinner#TBT, Electronic, Folk / Rock / Alt, Pop, R&B / Soul, Toby steph wedding compressed

Steph Lund Wedding Playlist Part I: Dinner

My best friend just got married this weekend, so I got weddings on the brain. Steph Lund, my playlist idol, just got married herself. We were lucky enough to snag a copy of her wedding playlists before she jetted off to her honeymoon in Thailand and Cambodia.  Peep now, or forever hold your peace.

Canine Teeth + Dominic Robinson – “Drown”Electronic, Julia, R&B / Soul 1654221_273184169517812_1759890325_n

Canine Teeth + Dominic Robinson – “Drown”

Erik Anderson and I go a couple years back; when we weren’t plotting the creation of weird punk bands, we were slingin’ drinks on H Street NE. Those days have come and gone, and now Eric is killing it under the production moniker Canine Teeth. Keep a lookout for this guy. He and other DC artists and creators are in cahoots to create a new collective studio space in NE DC called DRK∆rts. This is a new track from Canine Teeth, with vocals from DC artist Dominic Robinson. I like what I hear.